State lawmakers with the National Regeneration Movement Party introduced a bill that seeks to allow abortion in Baja California.

La Voz newspaper reported that Speaker Juan Manuel Molina confirmed the introduction of the bill that, if enacted, would allow women to finish their pregnancy within the first three months.

The newspaper said the conservative National Action Party opposed the proposal.

Activist Alejandra Bejarano asked lawmakers to defend life and support pregnant women in the state.

The proposal was introduced by Assemblywoman Michel Sanchez in order to reform the Constitution and the Penal Code, as well as the Law of Victims.

The bill would include provisions set by rulings of the Mexican Supreme Court.

The measure would keep provisions to penalize abortion after 12 weeks of pregnancy with up to six months in prison and community work.

“Human rights are universal,” Speaker Molina said. “We must respect them, whether we like it or not.”

National Action Party Assembly Leader Alejandrina Corral said her party defends life.

“When our party was the majority we elevated the right to life to the Constitutional level,” Corral told the newspaper. 

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