Two state lawmakers introduced a bill that seeks to provide tax relief to businesses that support or sponsor programs that help children.

Assemblywomen Alejandrina Corral and Amintha Briceño, both of the National Action Party, introduced a bill that, if enacted, would modify the state Law of Competitiveness and Economic Development.

The lawmakers said in a prepared statement the bill seeks to help preventative programs for children in risk of falling into behavioral issues, addictions, school dropout, mistreatment, and other mental illnesses.

The goal is to stop children and youth from taking part in criminal activities, the lawmakers said.

The bill would also strengthen citizens participation, solidarity and community commitment in promoting health and social wellbeing through partnerships.

Since 2002, Mexicali has been the National Training Center of DARE America — a program launched in Los Angeles in 1983 to prevent children at risk from becoming criminals or drug users. “Governments must bid in developing and applying public policies that prioritize prevention to issues that affect society like crime, violence, addictions, and illnesses,” the lawmakers said. “Only this way we can act in such problemas and in case these are present in communities they would be less and immediately addressed.”

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