State lawmakers, business representatives, experts, consultants and other stakeholders met days ago in order to discuss power outages in Baja California.

Assemblywoman Daylin García, chairwoman of the Commission of Economic Development and Binational Trade, said stakeholders need a concrete, collaborative agenda along with federal and state officials in order to discuss the issue that affects both families and businesses.

Also, the lawmaker said the over 600 Mw power deficit of Baja California can impact the delivery of water if the Tijuana aqueduct is also affected.

According to García the meeting was held in response to concerns raised by business associations and nonprofit organizations.

The parties decided to call energy-involved agencies to address the need to provide Baja California special benefits given its status of “energy island.”

The state has been interconnected to the US grid due to the lack of transmission lines with the rest of Mexico.

The lawmaker also said the parties called Mexican agencies to reduce power rates. The stakeholders also called to increase the so-called private company self-production of energy, as well as the reactivation of the Federal Electricity Commission’s advisory board.

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