A local activist filed Monday a criminal complaint against 20 lawmakers for the approval of a controversial solar plant.

Armando Salinas, with the Artículo 39 organization, said the lawmakers have been accused of illicit use of public service and corruption.

The lawsuit includes Assembly Speaker Juan Manuel Molina.

Salinas said the state filed a complaint against seven former officials who were related to the solar plant that was supposed to provide energy for the Tijuana aqueduct.

During the administration of Governor Jaime Bonilla the state cancelled the contract with the energy providing company and signed a new agreement with Next Energy.

The contract provides the company millionaire funds every month whether the solar plant operates or not.

The Mexican government decided to deny the permits requested by the company. Lawmakers with the Commission of Water Resources approved in June 2020 the solar plant project. Four months later the Assembly approved the proposal.

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