Even though the theft of vehicle parts like catalytic converters has seen a significant increase in Mexicali, no complaints can be filed due to lack of legislation.

This leaves suspects released although nabbed in alleged possession of stolen vehicle parts, Mexicali Committee of Public Safety Chairman Angel Zaizar told La Voz newspaper.

The businessman said victims must file complaints as authorities have arrested members of criminal bands who are release from custody due to lack of complaints.

Zaizar expressed his support to the recent introduction of a bill that seeks to consider vehicle part theft as a crime.

However, the committee chairman said the authorities need to work in prevention measures.

Also, legislation is needed to regulate vehicle part recycling businesses that are buying stolen parts.

Zaizar said the city has shown little interest to enforce part sales in businesses. Mexicali Police recently said every single day the city records up to four cases of theft of catalytic converters — a priced part due to the platinum and other metals these parts contain. 

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