Medical staff with the Loma Linda University recently donated prosthesis to high school employees as well to the general population.

Colegio de Bachilleres High School System Director Juan Eugenio Carpio said Loma Linda staff first arrived in the city back in May in order to assess patients in order to produce the prosthesis.

Recently, college staff members returned to deliver the donated prosthesis.

Besides, a second group of locals were assessed and Loma Linda staff plans to return in August to deliver the prosthesis.

“It is a great social and community job made by (Loma Linda) University staff to support those who need it the most,” Director Carpio said. “With their work (Loma Linda staff) bring a second chance to those who want to get back to their daily activities while fending for themselves and have a productive life.”

The first group of patients consisted of 32 individuals who had their legs or hands amputated. Each received high quality prosthesis. Also, Loma Linda staff provided patients with guidance regarding prosthesis use and rehabilitation.

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