Long lines and even trucks stuck in the commercial port of entry had caused issues to exporting and importing companies, an industry leader said.

Mexicali Chamber of Transportation President Luciano Jiménez told La Voz newspaper that Mexican Customs officials had agreed to implement some changes to expedite the crossing of trucks.

Jimenez said the issue must be solved immediately and not in the long term.

Due to the end-of-year season delays had seen an increase due to the agricultural season.

On Monday, eighty trucks were unable to cross the commercial port of entry although customs worked from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Some truck drivers were forced to wait for three hours and see no results.

Mexico has implemented a new regulation that makes it mandatory to rotate customs officials in less than a year to other ports.

Jiménez said the most impacted by delays and new regulations are small transportation companies, about four out of every five industry businesses. The issue also causes problems to drivers who must stay at the truck for hours.

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