A man who allegedly attempted to commit suicide by firing a gas cylinder was arrested for arson Monday evening.

The incident was reported at 554 p.m. at 2400 Bahia de Los Angeles Street in Colonia Baja California.

The suspect was identified as Hector Manuel, 40.

Relatives told the police the suspect was allegedly trying to kill himself by igniting a gas cylinder inside the residence.

Upon arrival, the police attempted to convince the individual to surrender.

Suddenly, the authorities heard an explosion from inside the house.

The suspect then exited the home with second and third degree burns in half of his body.

The individual was transported by the Red Cross to the General Hospital under arrest for treatment.

The home was a total loss. Two families were displaced, the police said.

Neighboring homes also reported damages in the windows.

A 63-year-old woman who lives nearby was hit in the head after the explosion. No other injuries were reported.

Firefighters were able to avoid the fire from spreading to other homes, Fire Chief Ruben Dario said. The suspect left a suicidal note to his mother.

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