A man was sentenced to 42 years in prison for the April 2018 murder of girlfriend Valeria Ahumada, according to media reports.

Sergio Enrique Doe was sentenced Tuesday by a state judge after a long trial.

Victim’s lawyer Cuauhtémoc Castilla said the sentence has set a precedent that needs a law amendment.

The victim was found with 22 injuries caused with a knife.

Judge Sandra Rubio also ordered the payment of 442,000 peso or $22,100 in damage repair and fines.

Although the Attorney agreed with the sentenced, he said legislation is needed to change the damage repair amount as the family demanded double the figure.

The family has 15 days to appeal the damage repair sentence part.

Ahumada relatives hugged each other after the hearing. The family thanked all those who supported their effort that included demonstrations to demand justice be served.

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