A judge sentenced to 25 years in prison Edgar Daniel Pantoja Becerra, aka “El Pantoja,” 25, who was accused of killing Diego Alexis López, the State Attorney General’s Office said.

The verdict was given through a court agreement.

The agency said the defendant accepted in the agreement his participation in the March 27, 2019 homicide at a home located at Argentina Avenue in the town of Estación Coahuila in the Mexicali Valley.

During the hearing, prosecutors said that on the day of the incident the convicted person and the victim were in a house, where they soon began to argue over a hundred-dollar bill.

Minutes later, Edgar injured Diego Alexis on the left side of the head — an injury that caused his death from head trauma. The agency detailed that “El Pantoja” was detained by detectives on August 8, 2019, when they executed an arrest warrant for homicide.

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