A man was sentenced by a state judge to a 43-year prison term for the Jan. 2019 murder of a woman.

The state Attorney General’s office said the judge also ruled a fine of about $20,000 for damage repair.

Iván Darío Miranda Granados was convicted of the homicide of his girlfriend Betsy Guadalupe Romero Lorente.

The agency said the victim’s body was found in Colonia Salinas de Gortari neighborhood.

The corpse was buried at the scene wrapped with clothes and the victims’ documents.

The agency said the individual first entered the victim’s mobile home located in San Felipe’s Ejido Plan Nacional Agrario rural town where Romero Lorente was assaulted.

Eventually, the convicted man covered the victim’s nose and mouth with tape and put a blue sweatshirt on her head. The victim died of suffocation.

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