About two out of every five workers in Baja California work in the economy’s informal sector — one that provides no healthcare or retirement benefits.

The National Institute of Statistics and Geography released the results of its employment report that shows over 713,000 of the statewide 1.7 million employees work in this sector.

The report also says over 352,000 workers earn the minimum wage of around $8.50 per day. Little more than a million report earnings of up to $26 per day.

Economist Roberto Valero told La Voz newspaper that high-earnings jobs have been reducing over years, which in exchange has decreased Baja Californians purchasing power.

Net average monthly earnings are about $190, Valero said.

The newspaper added that minimum wage workers must work for four days in order to purchase the so-called basic basket — a group of 21 items needed for families that include meat, soap, chicken, beans and others. The state has been impacted by decades-record yearly inflation rates of over 8 percent.

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