Mexicali Mayor elect Norma Bustamante said the city cannot address crime without help of other law enforcement agencies.

During an event held Tuesday in Casa de la Cultura in downtown Mexicali, the incoming Mayor said the local police will need support and assistance from the state and Mexico to address the issue.

Days ago, an organization named Ocupa MX reported that homicides increased 50 percent this year compared to 2020. The U.S. Department of State has warned American citizens from visiting rural Mexicali due to the increase of murders.

The Mayor elect said the city plans to launch multi-agency task forces in order to reduce crime.

Bustamante introduced her cabinet members, including Police Chief nominee Joel Hidalgo Dueñes, a local lawyer who has worked for the Mexican Attorney General’s office.

The Mayor elect said all nominations were thoroughly studied.

Also, she said meetings had been held with the Mexican Army to implement strategies to reduce crime. However, the mayor denied the city plans to militarize Mexicali. The police chief nominee said so far the only action expected to address crime is to implement such working groups with other law enforcement agencies.

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