In a new stage of the state-city controversy, Mexicali Mayor Norma Bustamante announced the denial of the permit that would authorize the building of a solar plant that would have provided energy to the state’s aqueduct.

The mayor said the Urban Administration Department has turned in a document that justifies the reason behind the permit denial.

Months ago, Baja California Governor Jaime Bonilla led the groundbreaking ceremony of the plant that would solve the energy issue for the aqueduct that provides water to coastal cities.

Last week, the Federal Electricity Commission decided to suspend energy providing to the aqueduct due to a millionaire debt of energy services. The state said charges were made improperly.

On Wednesday, state officials said the issue was temporarily solved. Also, the controversy will be up to the Energy Regulatory Commission.

Monterrey, Mexico based Next Energy, whose federal permits had been questioned, presumably pressed city officials to authorize land use permits. However, those permits were outdated as the past administration ran out of time to study the proposal.

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