Mexicali Mayor Norma Bustamante. COURTESY PHOTO

Mexicali incoming Mayor Norma Bustamante has demanded Governor Jaime Bonilla the payment of about $28.1 million in Mexican currency of due federal funds.

In a memorandum turned to the Governor’s office, the mayor said some of the funds have been due since 2019.

According to the Mayor’s office the state owes the city 116.5 million peso since 2019 and 396 million more for this year.

These funds had produced close to 49 million pesos in interest, the report says.

The memorandum was turned to the state Monday.

“It is important to highlight that (these funds) that had not been paid to the people of Mexicali had been delivered from the federation to the State of Baja California that you lead,” the Mayor tells Gov. Bonilla in the document. “Trusting in the important work that represents the adequate management of public resources, especially those legally mandated to municipalities of the state, we are at your orders and expect to get the payment soon.”

The mayor said those funds should have been turned to the city from the state within five days of their disbursement.

The state did not respond to the issue before press time.

However, state Secretary of the Treasury Adalberto González said in a prepared statement that the state leads the nation in collected revenue from taxes and fees due to its innovative, efficient processes.

Just last year the state collected 14.7 billion peso or about $739.65 million.

Sec. González said the state was recognized by Mexican officials for its collecting accomplishments.

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