Mexicali Mayor Norma Bustamante introduced in the Assembly a 4.5 billion pesos budget proposal for 2022.

The mayor, as well as the other mayors in the state, appeared in a Treasury and Budget Commission hearing Thursday.

The $228.4 budget for next year includes a new street lighting fee, new business license fees and an increase of property value.

“This budget project seeks to create a tax scheme that provides the opportunity to reach a healthy public finances equilibrium,” the mayor said. “The priority is to promote the increase of the taxpayer base to provide certainty to the appropriate development of economic activities for a year that is expected to remain uncertain.”

Lawmakers harshly questioned the mayor and her staff about the new street lighting fee that has been struck down twice in the Supreme Court.

The mayor said the new proposal applies a $0.75 fee to all taxpayers based on the Supreme Court rulings. Mayor Bustamante said the city expects to collect 751 million pesos or about $37.55 million in property tax, around 18.6 percent more than 2021. Three out of every four pesos collected through property tax will go to the purchase of police equipment.

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