After the US announced a reduction of 8 percent of water allocated to Mexico, Baja California officials released a series of measures to protect businesses and people.

Secretary of Water Management and Protection Armando Samaniego said those measures include the development of water reuse infrastructure, avoid loss in conveyance and seeking for additional sources.

On Tuesday, the US Department of Interior announced that, based on Lake Mead and Lake Powell historic low water levels, Mexico was set to see a cut of about 8 percent of its Colorado River allocation.

The reduction means 128 million cubic meters or 104,000 acre-feet less water for the country.

The International Water and Boundary Commission reported that the Colorado River records the worst drought in 114 years and one of the worst in over a millennium.

Sec. Samaniego said those measures announced have already been implemented since the beginning of the administration in November.

The state has already foreseen this water reduction and by doing so the authorities have been able to mitigate the impact.

According to the secretary, the development of additional infrastructure will help increase reuse of wastewater for residents, industry and agriculture.

“Mexicali is the municipality that actually records the highest reuse of water,” Sec. Samaniego said. “We are seeking that all the other municipalities observe an increase of wastewater reuse.” The authorities plan to work with the state Department of Agriculture in order to promote harvesting low-water consumption produce to increase water conservation.

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