A pharmacy owner has asked authorities to suspend the operation of the medical lane in the West Port of Entry or turning the project back to the city’s Tourism and Conventions Committee.

Alfredo Ham told La Voz newspaper that the lane operators charge up to $20 to those travelers who wish to return to the U.S.

Pharmacies, doctor offices and hospitals pay about $180 for ten medical lane passes for their customers or patients who spend around $35.

However, the pharmacy owner told the newspaper travelers are now spending between $15 and $20 straight in the lane without any healthcare spending. Such charge is illegal.

Ham said before the 10-passes package cost around $20 and given to customers who spent at least $10.

“The medical lane is no longer medical,” he told the newspaper. “Now it is known as a toll lane.”

The businessman said members of the so-called medical cluster said the proposal is to close the lane.

About a year ago city officials admitted that the lane was contracted by the Mexican government to a private business.

The lane was originally launched years ago in order to expedite crossing to those customers who got services or purchased drugs. The city eliminated that the lane generated 4 million peso per year or around $200,000.

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