A case of medical negligence and malpractice has led to the indictment of six healthcare staff members of a Mexican agency in Mexicali.
La Voz newspaper recently reported that in the 2020 death of Maria del Socorro in Clinic 30 of the Mexican Social Security Institute six people have been indicted by a federal judge.
The cases were filed by the Mexican Attorney General’s office, or FGR in Spanish.
The patient originally has symptoms of infection in the urinary system.
Maria del Socorro was first taken to Clinic 16 and died after being transferred to Clinic 30.
Relatives filed a complaint that led to the indictment for homicide by medical malpractice of four men and two women who worked for the institute.
In a separate case, the FGR reported in February nine healthcare staff members were indicted for the death of a minor.
The patient became blind during treatment.
The minor’s mother filed a complaint back in 2019.
In the recent case of Keren Vallejo Castro, the 32-year-old mother who died after delivering her second child, the FGR has not reported any updates. However, the institute dismissed five employees involved in the matter.
Relatives have held demonstrations in order to demand justice in the case.
The newspaper reported that this year 15 doctors have been indicted for medical malpractice and negligence.

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