Two men were arrested early Sunday after allegedly robbing and assaulting a couple with machetes and a baseball bat, Mexicali police said.

The incident was reported at 142 a.m. in San Luis Street and Carranza Boulevard.

The arrested suspects were identified as Victor Manuel, 48, and Alexis Rafael, 23.

The younger suspect was transported to the General Hospital after an unknown driver ran over the man.

A woman said that while chatting with her husband outside her residence the suspects arrived in and brandished machetes.

The suspects then robbed the victim’s cell phone and then caused damages to the victim’s truck and fled from the scene on foot.

While running by a convenience store and being chased by the victim’s husband, a driver ran over the younger suspect.

The husband then took the machetes and forced the suspects to stop in the store. The older suspect was transported to a police station and the other to the General Hospital under custody.

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