Five Mexicali areas were highlighted Tuesday in a state report for their high numbers of SARS-Cov-2 active cases.

State Director of Evaluation with the Department of Public Health Néstor Saúl Hernández said those areas are Colonia Independencia, Colonia Hidalgo, and Colonia Industrial, as well as the rural towns of Ciudad Morelos and Ejido Nuevo León.

In San Felipe, Los Arcos, Primera Sección and Tercera Sección were also highlighted in the report.

Although no exact figures were provided, Mexicali has 2,543 active cases, well below the more than 4,200 reported in the Imperial Valley.

Recently, a spokesperson with the Baja California Department of Public Health reported that the city has tested about 35,000 people in Mexicali.

On Monday, Mexicali recorded 174 of the 390 new cases reported in Baja California.

As of Tuesday, Mexicali has 41,135 accumulated cases and 4,051 accumulated deaths.

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