The Mexican Commission of Electricity announced Thursday that the supply of energy to the aqueduct that transports water to the coast.

According to the agency, the state has incurred a debt of 163.1 million peso or $8.3 million since August.

The shutdown was based on Mexican regulations, the agency said in a prepared statement.

“This is the last resort the agency has to collect due balances,” the Commission said.

The agency added that negotiations had been ongoing to get the money collected and avoid impacting residents.

Salomon Faz, State Secretary of Water Management and Protection said the authorities had decided to suspend the delivery of water to 2.3 million residents of the coastal cities of Tijuana, Tecate Rosarito Beach and Ensenada.

Sec. Faz, who is also the Director of the State’s Water Commission, added that the Mexican Regulatory Commission has ruled the debt as unfounded.

The state official said Baja California has demanded the reimbursement of 166 million peso in irregular charges to no avail.

According to the agency, the El Carrizo Dam has water reserves for 40 days. Finally, Sec. Faz called the Mexican agency to keep negotiations ongoing in order to solve the issue.

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