Less than two years from the 2024 presidential election the National Regeneration Movement Party (Morena in Spanish) leads in polls in Baja California.

Pollster Roy Campos, of Consulta Mitofsky, released the results of a nationwide poll conducted back in June.

The survey says the President’s party leads in the state with 23.5 percent.

Its closer competitor is the National Action Party with 8.7 percent.

None of the rest of political parties receive less than one percent of vote preference, except the Citizens Movement with 2.3 percent.

Poll results show 32.5 percent of potential voters reject all political parties, while 31.1 percent did not respond.

Morena’s lead in Baja California is the second lowest in the states where the party leads in preference, just above San Luis Potosí with 19.0 percent.

Morena and its allies jointly lead in Baja California 24.6 percent over the PRI, the PAN and the PRD with 9.3 percent.

Even if the opposition adds the Citizens Movement Party, Morena leads two to one. By itself, Morena would win the elections in 23 states. However, if the opposition joins together Morena would win only 13 states and eight would be too close to call. 

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