The lack of natural gas in Baja California has led companies to stop plans to open in the state, a business organization representative said.

La Voz newspaper reported that companies have been forced to stop expansion plans while at least another one decided to cancel the opening of an aluminum manufacturing plant due to the issue.

Industry Chamber President Alberto Sanchez Torres told the newspaper the problem has been ignored by the authorities.

“There is not enough (natural gas) for companies, energy production and future investment,” Sánchez said.

The chamber president added that 60 percent of natural gas coming to Baja California is used for energy production. Mexicali is the major consumer with 80 percent.

According to Sanchez, Mexico’s plans to apply the so-called corrective protocol to address energy deficit and the construction of new energy production plants could worsen the natural gas situation.

Sanchez said the two natural gas pipes are insufficient for the state.

The chamber president considered that in order to increase natural gas import the government must modify binational decrees Sanchez said before spending funds in promoting the state as a private investment destination the authorities must address the natural gas issue first.

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