A new casino will open soon in Mexicali downtown.

The business has already raised concerns among residents who criticized the project.

The casino is located in Juárez Street that was recently rehabilitated by the city. Mexicali Mayor Norma Bustamante said the casino has all the permits and licenses needed to operate.

Party chairwoman slams state

The chairwoman of a political party slammed state officials for issuing a gender violence warning.

Institutional Revolutionary Party state Chairwoman Guadalupe Gutiérrez said the state authorities have pretended to address warning requirements.

The warning was issued due to the high number of murdered women and domestic violence increasing cases.

Gutiérrez said the Institute of Women has only two staff members and almost no budget funds. Party Women Organization Coordinator Claudia Sánchez called Governor Marina Avila to act to protect women all over the state.

State promises teacher settlement pay

A state official and the secretary general of a teacher union local signed an agreement to pay retired teacher settlement.

The agreement was signed by Secretary of Education Gerardo Solís and Local 37 of the Education Workers Union Secretary General Ampelio Íñiguez, as well as other state officials and union representatives.

According to the announcement, about 948 retired teachers will get the benefit.

The state said in a prepared statement that the payment of 525.9 million pesos or $26.2 million in federal funds. The agreement includes a first payment scheduled for July 27. The state plans to pay about $1 million per month to retired teachers.

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