The number of marriage licenses issued in Baja California declined in the last two years, according to a Mexican agency report.

The National Institute of Statistics and Geography reported that between 2018 and 2020 the number of couples that got married declined 34 percent.

According to the report, four years ago the state issued 17,157 marriage licenses. The number was reduced to 11,249 in 2020.

Of the weddings reported in 2020, the agency said 137 were same-sex couples. Of those, 38 percent were men and 62 percent were women.

Two years ago the state registered 1,587 divorces.

Of residents 12 and older 30.6 percent are married, 21.6 live with their couples, 35.4 percent are single and 12.3 percent are separated, divorced or widowed.

According to the agency, 32 of every 100 divorces ended after 20 years of marriage or more, while 19 percent of the divorced couples were married for up to five years. Nationwide, the country observed 33 percent less weddings in 2020 than in 2019. Of the 335,563 weddings registered in 2020 only 2,476 were same-sex couples. Also, the number of divorces went down from 160,107 in 2019 to 92,739 in 2020.

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