A state official reported an update on the murder of a police officer occurred weeks ago.

Assistant Attorney General Hiram Sanchez said the firearm used during the homicide of David Martinez Mejia has not been used in other crimes.

Also, Sanchez said the victim of a Colonia San Clemente neighborhood murder recently arrived from Tijuana and might had gotten involved in other crimes.

In the Colonia Los Naranjos homicide case the victim had criminal records related to robbery, theft and causing injuries, as well as five bookings in prison.

Last week, the authorities found the bodies of two males in Colonia Miguel Aleman. In this case the victims died of a firearm shot.

The authorities had been unable to identify the victims given the state of the corpses. Family members of a man who has been reported missing had approached the agency in order to determine if one of the victims is their relative.

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