The National Action Party and its members in the city council criticized the city of Mexicali for the situation with trash collection in rural areas.

The party said in a prepared statement that in the administration of Mayor Gustavo Sanchez the city had 21 collector trucks and trash was collected every 10 days at the most.

Today, the city has only nine trucks and trash is collected every 21 days — an issue that causes public health problems, among others.

Also, the issue has prevented some growers from selling produce, especially cotton that is affected by spills of paper or plastic in harvesting areas.

The party highlighted the fact that in the administrations led by the National Regeneration Movement Party no major Street public works or maintenance projects had been held in rural areas.

According to the statement the city has also missed taking appropriate care of Street lights while crime has increased in the Mexicali Valley.

The party demanded Mayor Norma Bustamante to lead an effort to address these issues. The City published Saturday a Facebook ad that says the authorities are working 24 hours a day, seven days a week to maintain streets and improve quality of life.

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