The state chairman of the National Action Party called lawmakers to approve disciplinary actions against Baja California Governor Marina Avila.

Party chairman Mario Osuna demanded the Assembly Speaker to turn the sentence issued by the Electoral Court against Gov. Avila to the legislature’s Political Coordinating Board.

The governor was warned weeks ago along with several party members and elected officials by electoral justices for taking part in a recent campaign event.

Justices ruled in the warning the governor and dozens of politicians violated Mexican election law, including use of public funds.

The ruling included disciplinary actions that must be decided by the legislature.

Chairman Osuna asked lawmakers to issue a report about the court warning resolution.

Party lawmakers Amintha Briceño and Alejandrina Corral showed a copy of the document filed with the Assembly that includes the court ruling.

Osuna said legislators must discipline the governor as ruled by the Electoral Court.

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