The City of Mexicali has over 2,500 big property tax debtors that the authorities seek to pay down their debt this year.

Besides, given the property tax rate increase for 2022 the city expects to collect 1.1 billion pesos or about $55 million.

Mexicali Mayor Norma Bustamante paid down her property tax Monday in the City’s Tax Collector’s office, where she said only some neighborhoods will be affected by the tax raise while others will actually see a decline.

However, the historic issue has been property tax collection as around half of property owners don’t pay their taxes although the city has launched campaigns to promote tax payment.

The Mayor explained that tax rates and collection will increase due to property value adjustment and a decrease in tax rates. Homes will see a decline from 5 to 3 percent, she added.

City Tax Collector Jesus Alcalde said most of the big property tax debtors are businessmen. Mayor Bustamante said the city has reached an agreement with business organizations in order to make at least a hundred of these big debtors pay down their due taxes.

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