In the first week more than 97,000 teenagers got vaccinated against the Coronavirus, according to state reports.

Health Services director Sandra Martinez said of those vaccines over 30,000 were administered in Mexicali.

Vaccination also included minors of 12 years of age with underlying health conditions.

“We were able to cover most of those minors allowed by the Mexican government to get vaccinated,” Martinez said.

Baja California has already administered 3.2 million vaccines with more than 2.1 million fully vaccinated.

Providing vaccines to teenagers will allow the state to reduce contagion chains, Martinez said.

The state has been set in the yellow tier under the epidemiological light system. Previously, State Epidemiologist Efrén Zazueta has said the Omicron variant has not raised concerns in Baja California given the number of infected patients and the unknown features of the virus.

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