Since abortion was legalized in November the state has recorded 14 cases in Baja California.

La Voz newspaper reported that government owned hospitals lack doctors and facilities to hold abortions.

State Chief of the Department of Gender Equality and Reproductive Health Hilda Gonzalez admitted that the state also lacks definitions on how to handle requests.

The state chief also said abortion surgeries must be scheduled two weeks after being requested, but Covid and other services had impacted in delays.

Gonzalez told the newspaper many doctors decline to hold abortion surgeries for ethical causes.

The chief expects to solve the issue in the next three months.

“The goal is to make abortion safe for women,” Gonzalez said. “Institutions are obliged to hold abortions or turn women to agencies where they can get their abortion.”

State lawmakers approved a bill that allows abortion before the 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Those women who get their abortions must obtain as well a contraceptive method and, if needed, have psychological services.

Most of the abortions held were reported in the Maternal and Infant Hospital. Six of interested mothers in getting an abortion declined after being educated.

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