The Mexican Elections Court confirmed Wednesday the expulsion of the state Chair of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI in Spanish, along with several members of its board.

Justices unanimously voted for the resolution that confirmed the decision made by the party.

The resolution, introduced by Justice Janine Otálora Malassiss, said the decision was based in the law and in violation of the party’s statutes.

During the campaign, several PRI board members issued a press release in which they called party members to vote for former Tijuana Mayor Jorge Hank, who was nominated by the conservative Solidarity Encounter Party.

Eventually, the PRI Chairman held a press conference also calling members to vote for Hank, who ended up as runner-up in the election’s final vote tally.

A PRI member filed a complaint against the chairman and 13 members for statute violation. The party’s justice commission decided to expel the accused members, who then filed an appeal with the courts.

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