Baja California’s Institutional Revolutionary Party Chair Guadalupe Gutiérrez said her party plans to introduce a bill to reform the Federal Law of Guns in order to facilitate the purchasing of guns given the crime increase.

The bill seeks to allow residents to defend their families, homes and businesses.

Gutiérrez said the bill was announced in Mexico City by party chairman Alejandro Moreno.

Mexicali is no longer a safe city and residents cannot drive freely through Mexicali Valley, Gutiérrez said.

According to the party chairwoman Mexico is home to eight of the 10 most violent cities in the world, including Tijuana and Ensenada.

In the meantime, the Department of Public Safety has not admitted that strategies are not working while organized criminals rule the country, Gutiérrez said.

The bill includes provisions to allow law enforcement agents to take home their service weapons and stop militarizing police departments. Gutiérrez said Congressman Rubén Moreira and other Mexican lawmakers plan to visit rural Mexicali to discuss with farmers.

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