The perception of insecurity in Mexicali increased from 63 percent in December of 2020 to 69.5 percent in the same month of 2021, according to a Mexican agency report.

The National Institute of Statistics and Geography released the results of its National Survey of Urban Public Safety that revealed the yearly increase.

However, according to the report the city observed a decline in the perception of insecurity from 72.9 percent reported last September.

Nationwide, Mexicans feel especially insecure in bank ATMs, public transit buses, banks and streets.

The report says 24 percent of Mexicali residents witnessed or had public safety issues with relatives, friends, neighbors and coworkers or at schools, businesses or public agencies.

The Institute says 28.8 percent of Mexicali residents think their authorities are very or somewhat effective in addressing crime.

Over half of Mexicali residents reported corruption acts from law enforcement staff, the report says.

Also, 26 percent of families had a member that was a victim of robbery or extortion, the report adds.

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