Mexicali Police Chief Pedro Ariel Mendívil announced Tuesday a plan to address crime in a comprehensive and coordinated manner.

The project includes a re-engineering process, the operation of law enforcement and consolidation of the rule of law.

Also, the plan seeks to hold intelligence activities to create crime areas while socializing strategies and launching a promotional preventative campaign and attacking crime and addictions.

Chief Mendívil said the rural area will be divided in two in order to address high crime communities.

A similar strategy was announced for the urban area.

The plan also includes training for Police officers in the state academy and the US Border Patrol Sectors of Yuma and El Centro.

The Chief said the police are negotiating with private companies to have a brand new patrol car mechanic shop.

The project includes graffiti, domestic violence and environmental strategies. Mendívil said the plan seeks to repair dozens of surveillance cameras and the opening of a new drone monitoring unit.

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