Mexicali Police Chief Pedro Ariel Mendívil met Sunday with car club representative Jose Valdez in order to bring the vehicle street races issue to an end.

One of the potential solutions brought was to create an all-club board to stop clandestine races.

Also, the official and Valdez discussed the reopening of the Airport Highway race track that would operate under preset schedules.

However, some expressed skepticism regarding the plans.

A Facebook user named Quike Speed wrote in the Mexicali Police page that Valdez does not represent anyone, while seeking to make money out of the race track with the sale of beer.

A taxi driver died Sunday morning after a teenager crashed against the taxi cab in the Civic Center, according to media reports.

The incident was reported at 4 a.m. in Anahuac Boulevard, close to the intersection of Independencia Avenue.

The police found at the scene a white 2021 Nissan March and a blue 2001 Honda Accord.

Inside the white vehicle the police found dead a man who was identified as Jesus Ramos, 54.

Also in the Nissan was a man who was identified as Ricardo Cabada Vargas, 46, who was transported to a hospital.

The Honda driver, who was identified as Leonardo Enrique, 18, was also transported to the hospital under custody.

The preliminary report says the teenager was driving northbound and lost control of the vehicle. The young adult then crashed the taxi cab.

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