A million dollar radio platform system that was purchased during the past city administration was found to be incompatible with the State’s system, which in exchange does not allow law enforcement agencies to communicate and coordinate with each other.

Mexicali Mayor Norma Bustamante said after the new state Department of Public Safety opens the city will seek to purchase another platform or another solution to the issue.

Months ago the police was unable to provide proper communication devices to its agents due to problems with the radio system. The issue stopped police officers to report details after the murder of an agent.

Days before leaving office Mayor Guadalupe Mora purchased a new $1 million Motorola platform for a company named Telecom. Mayor Bustamante said the city must still pay half of the cost.

The new system is incompatible with the State’s Tetrapol system.

The Mayor said due to the system incompatibility Mexicali would be the only city that would not be connected to the State’s system. According to the Mayor the city seeks to adapt the system to the State’s own or ask the company to make modifications to allow compatibility.

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