Little over one of every ten registered voters took part Sunday in the presidential recall special election.

The vote was called by the president’s party National Regeneration Movement.

In order to promote the vote Baja California Governor Marina Avila posted several videos in her Facebook page that the Electoral Court ruled to delete due to law violations.

Also, several appointed and elected officials decided to temporarily step down to promote the vote.

The opposition feared the vote would lead to the extension of the president’s six year term.

On Sunday evening president Andrés Manuel López Obrador said he will conclude his term in 2024.

The recall needed a voter turnout of at least 40 percent of registered voters in order to become valid. The National Electoral Institute estimated Sunday evening a turnout of 18 percent.

Although the low turnout, recall promoters called the special vote as successful given over 90 percent of electors voted to keep the president in office.

The special recall cost Mexico about 1.7 billion pesos or around $85 million.

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