A 31-year-old woman who was delivering her second child died in a Mexican Institute of Social Security hospital during a cesarean surgery.

Michel Cortez, Keren Vallejo Castro’s husband, told La Voz newspaper his wife was admitted Sunday in the Clinic 30 of the Mexican institution.

Vallejo Castro entered the surgery area later that day. Hours later the family was notified about complications during the surgery.

According to family members, Vallejo Castro had no issues during pregnancy.

Cortez told the newspaper doctors notified him that his wife was transported to Clinic 30 after the pregnant woman’s blood pressure went down.

A doctor later told Cortez his wife had died.

On Monday, the family received a death certificate that said Vallejo Castro died of a hypovolemic shock and peritoneal hemorrhage

Cortez said a complaint was filed with the State Attorney General’s office for medical liability.

The newspaper reported that the Attorney General’s office ordered the Mexican Institute to turn the corpse to the state Coroner’s office to perform a second autopsy in order to determine the cause of death.

Cortez said the institute turned into a different body.

The Mexican agency asked Cortez to return the death certificate in order to correct a mistake, but the husband refused to do so.

Cortez said the corpse was finally turned to the Coroner’s office, but without any organ that stopped authorities to hold the second autopsy.

Vallejo Castro sisters told the newspaper the gynecologist was unable to get involved in the cesarean.

The mother’s baby was released from the hospital.

In a prepared statement the Mexican Institute said an investigation was opened to determine what occurred in this case. Also, the Mexican Institute denied having turned a different body to the Coroner’s office.

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