An individual who apparently is engaged in illegally crossing people into the United States was arrested Tuesday morning in the Vicente Guerrero town of the Mexicali Valley.

According to a report from the Municipal Police, the incident occurred at 7:45 a.m. on Internacional Avenue, near tower 206 of the Border Wall.

The detainee was identified as José Juan “N”, 41 years old, alias “El Nene”.

The suspect was accompanied by Gilberto “N”, 34, originally from Tonalá, Chiapas.

The police said the suspects were caught trying to cross the border fence by making a human ladder.

The agents questioned the immigrant, who said he was trying to cross into the United States irregularly with the payment of $ 2,000.

The detainee was designated by the immigrant as the guide.

The suspect was arrested by the authorities. According to the police, the suspect was identified by residents of the town as an alleged human trafficker.

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