Pro-life organization representatives held Thursday a demonstration to blame state authorities for prohibiting voters decide the fate of abortion in Baja California.

In January, activists petitioned the Electoral Institute to hold a special election in order to allow voters decide whether to legalize abortion or not.

The referendum was requested after the assembly approved a bill that authorizes abortion after decades of prohibition with the exception of rape and health issues.

The petition was accompanied by signatures of 38,000 registered voters.

In April, members of the Electoral Institute Board rejected the petition.

Petitioners filed for appeals that were denied in court three times.

Activist Luis Alberto Juarez said the denial was based in inexistent grounds.

Election law says referendums related to human rights cannot be held that Juarez said does not apply in this case.

The activist recalled that Baja California’s constitution still protects life from conception.

Marcela Vaquera, local representative of the National Family coalition, said the organization plans to hold seminars in marginalized communities to support women delivering their babies. Vaquera accused former Secretary of Government and Senator Olga Sánchez and the National Regeneration Movement Party of interference in the referendum petition.

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