A state lawmaker said Mexicali Valley producers are living a hell.

Assemblyman Manuel Guerrero Luna made those remarks during a recent meeting held by Senator Nancy Sanchez, Chairwoman of the Commission Agriculture, Livestock, Fishing, and Rural Development.

The lawmaker said the authorities must exhaust all alternatives in order to address producer debt.

Every single field that is not harvested represents an abandoned family.

A similar hearing was held last week in the Mexican Senate.

Several producers, lawmakers and officials took part in the meeting.

Sen. Sánchez said given the agricultural season is about to begin there is an urgency to find ways to address debt that has kept producers in disadvantage. “There is a need to produce our own food, but also (there is a need) to obtain direct credit for commercializing,” Sen. Sánchez said. “Development banks must make their operational rules more flexible as post-pandemic economic recovery forces us to reset obsolete schemes from the past.”

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