The state Attorney General’s office has opened seven investigations in order to follow-up cases of immigrants who had been kidnapped recently.

Assistant Attorney General Hiram Sánchez said of the complaints filed in these cases five had been determined to move forward for potential litigation.

The most recent case occurred Oct. 5. Back then, the victim was released after the family paid $10,500.

The victim was found in Fraccionamiento Las Californias neighborhood, Sánchez said.

The assistant attorney general said the Panamanian immigrant arrived in the city and on Oct. 2 was transported in a vehicle in order to get crossed to the US.

The victim was kept against his will in a residence located in Calipatria Oeste Street.

Eventually, state police officers executed a search warrant at the scene, Sánchez said.

The authorities are unaware of how many suspects participated in the kidnapping. So far, the agency has arrested 17 suspects related to the kidnapping of immigrants who belong to three criminal bands.

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