About four out of every five Mexicali residents said they perceive insecurity in the city.

The perception of insecurity in Mexicali increased among residents here, according to a survey by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography.

The National Urban Public Safety Survey for the second quarter of 2022 shows that 78 percent of the surveyed people say they feel unsafe in the state’s capital city.

The result is a significant increase compared to the 68.5 percent recorded in March.

The city is ranked 25th nationwide among those areas with the greatest insecurity perception.

Despite the quarterly increase, the perception of security in the city is similar to the level registered in June 2021.

A year ago, the municipality included San Felipe and was governed by then Mayor Marina Avila.

At the national level, Mexicans feel more insecure at ATMs located on public areas, on public transportation, at banks, and on the streets they usually use.

The perception of insecurity is greater among women, according to survey results.

In Mexicali, 39.2 percent of respondents over 18 years of age experienced conflicts or confrontations, mainly noise, garbage thrown by neighbors, and parking problems.

The survey reveals that Mexicans point to potholes in streets and avenues, failures and leaks in the drinking water supply and insufficient public lighting as the main problems in their cities, as well as crimes such as robbery, extortion, kidnapping, fraud and others.

Faced with this situation, 22.6 percent of Mexicali residents surveyed expressed confidence in the government’s effectiveness in solving these problems.

The results of the survey add that 53.6 percent of those consulted in the city said they had had contact with law enforcement authorities with whom they experienced some act of corruption. In Mexicali, just over 30 percent of those surveyed said they had a member in their home who had suffered robbery or extortion.

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