The Mexicali office of the Red Cross has reported a 8.5 million pesos deficit or about $425,000.

The nonprofit needs around $75,000 to pay employees their Christmas bonuses.

Red Cross Board President Francisco Fiorentini said restrictions imposed by the administration of Governor Jaime Bonilla cut the number of ambulances from six to just three per shift.

According to the nonprofit president the state delayed funds raised through donations made by taxpayers for several months.

The nonprofit has recorded four employees who died of Covid-19, he said.

Fiorentini said a meeting has been requested with health officials to discuss the waiting times of up to nine hours for General Hospital staff to admit patients transported by the Red Cross.

Hospital staff have said the delay has been caused by the lack of beds.

Fiorentini said a proposal was made to Mexicali Mayor Norma Bustamante in order to request city taxpayers a donation of about a dollar when paying property taxes. On average, the Red Cross transports 65 patients daily.

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