The state Department of Public Health certified Tuesday Cabanna restaurant among others for their self-regulation commitment.

Secretary of Public Health Adrián Medina said the certification was issued by the Commission to Protect against Sanitary Risks to eateries affiliated to the National Chamber of Restaurants in Baja California.

This is the very first time the agency certifies eateries for regulation compliance.

Commissioner Erwin Areizaga said the program seeks to include people in the self-regulation processes, as well as in training programs.

The certification program will remain open for restaurants and similar businesses.

Sec. Medina acknowledged restaurants for complying with regulations during the pandemic in order to remain open.

The Mexicali restaurant complied with 44 items including sanitary protocols, proper handling of food and drinks, among others.

A restaurant representative received a plaque and a copy of the certificate was posted at the eatery’s entrance.

The two-year certification allows the restaurant to stay free of inspections based in the trust borne from owners and employees.

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