A man and a woman were sentenced by a state judge to 7 years in prison for false imprisonment and robbery.

The state Attorney General’s office said the individuals were identified as José Santiago López, 42, and Idolina Ramírez Gallegos, 40.

The agency said the individuals were found guilty of the Nov. 2016 robbery of a 2000 Ford F150 truck in Colonia Independencia neighborhood.

The authorities said the condemned couple brandished a firearm to the victim and got on board the vehicle by force.

The couple was seeking to rob cash from the victim.

Although the couple asked the victim to drive them to Ejido Puebla rural town in southeast Mexicali, the victim suggested driving towards the opposite way to the Tijuana Highway.

While driving close to the Lázaro Cárdenas Boulevard Fire Station, the driver decided to move the wrong way and stopped the vehicle.

Then, the victim tried to defend himself by fighting with López.

The woman took the cash and fled on foot along with her accomplice. The couple was arrested moments later by Mexicali police officers.

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