The tick borne disease that has killed dozens of people in Mexicali in the last years has claimed six more deaths this year, a state official said.

State Secretary of Public Health Adrián Medina said Baja California has recorded 39 cases of the so-called Rickettsiosis. Of those cases, 27 have been recorded in Mexicali.

Also, the agency has recorded seven fatalities this year, of which six have occurred in Mexicali.

Sec. Medina said the agency has strengthened its efforts to prevent and control brown dog ticks — an insect blamed for transmitting the illness.

According to the state official the agency has kept fumigating vulnerable areas while keeping a close epidemiological monitoring.

Last week the authorities held in rural Mexicali’s Guadalupe Victoria rural town the closing event of the National Week against Rickettsiosis.

Ruy López-Ridaura, Director of the National Center of Preventive Programs and Illness Control, highlighted the ongoing efforts held by public health staff to manage and control the Rocky Mountain Fever while strengthening activities to promote community health, fumigating homes and pet deworming.

Sec. Medina said Mexicali has become a role model for other cities and states for controlling Rickettsiosis.

In past years, the illness claimed dozens of lives every single year. The issue led residents in vulnerable communities to hold demonstrations to demand actions from health authorities.

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