Pet bones were found in the Hipólito Rentería solid waste site after a resident recorded a video showing Animal Control staff throwing away dog cadavers.

Photographer Victor Medina showed in his Facebook page pictures of animal bones in the site.

Previously, a resident recorded city employees leaving dog bodies in the scene.

Animal Control staff admitted that the city’s pet crematory has not worked for the last five years.

Bones, skulls, and even pet parts are barely covered with dirt, the pictures show.

The city denied any possible impact to people’s health.

Animal Control Director Sergio Ortega told La Crónica newspaper that for the last year the agency has not euthanized any pets, and all bodies are submitted by their owners or veterinary clinics for their disposal.

Pet owners pay the city around $6 for the disposal.

Ortega said the disposal of bodies complies with Mexican regulations.

The rural cemetery has always been used for body disposal.

According to the city official, repairing the crematory would cost Mexicali at least about $5,000.

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